ACL does not handle individual registrations. There are many teams in metro atlanta area that are looking for players constantly. if you are interested then send an email to info@atlantacricketleague.org and ACL will channelize your request,
ACL requires teams and umpires support in getting the scores updated on time. sometimes it will take a day or two more than normal time for the scores to be updated. Please check by mid of week to see past week's scores updated.
In case of pool in-charge availability please contact them with any of the questions you may have. If you cannot reach the pool in-charge, feel free to call any of the ACL committee members
ACL rules and rules addendum are available online at www.atlantacricketleague.org
Yes. ACL is open to everyone. Every year ACL board will send out request for new committee members to join (usually at the start of the season).
There are two cases of postponement. In case of a regular round-robin match, the match has to be completed on the same scheduled day. in case of rain or ground unvailability, then it has to be played on the same day, may be at a different time. In any case a round robin game cannot be postponed for next day or week. In case of a play off game with scheduled reserve day, it can be postponed to the reserve day. However, there may be some play offs without reserve day and in that case the same rule that apply for round robin games will apply. In any case no game can be preponed.
Please send out an email to ACL committee with your grievance and ACL disciplinary committee will certainly look into it and take necessary actions.
There are different tournaments that ACL conducts. The notifications are sent via email to all the subscribers and also the information can be found at our website @ www.atlantacricketleague.org. Please subscribe to ACL by sending out an email to info@atlantacricketleague.org. The registration link will be open for individual tournaments for a specific time period.
ACL as a non-profit organisation welcomes any sponsor. ACL also partners with other non-profit organisation to generate funds for charity. Please visit "Become a Sponsor" link at our website or contact any of the committee members.
It is available at our website @ http://atlantacricketleague.org/Pages/Contact.aspx
ACL matches are played in baseball fields and on sunday mornings.
The match start time is 8:00 AM in the morning. In case of time change due to weather reasons ACL will notify the teams of time change.
Since most of the teams does not have a ground of their preference, the home team concept in ACL is different. Home team applies only to responsibilities that a team is entitled to. A home team is responsible for setting up boundaries, pitch, wickets.
In case of disagreement between two teams on the boundary, pitch measurements then Umpires will decide them. Umpires decision will be final.
No. Only the opposition captain can recall a batsman declared out by an umpire.
ACL feels that it would be better to provide wide markers in terms of bat distance as it would be easy for everyone to comprehend and measure. It would be 1 bat from the middle stump on the offside. Usually any ball on the leg side would be considered wide. This holds good for left handed batsman with the sides changed
Since most of all the matches are played on baseball fields, offside play area availability is limited. usually we keep 2 runs or 4 runs declared for direct hits on offside. The minimum/maximum boundary length is given in Rules/Rules addendum documents available @ www.atlantacricketleague.org ACL is currently working on to generalize the setup. Any changes to the boundary measurements will be notified to all the teams.