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TeamMtsWonLostNo ResPointsNRRFORAgainst
Gully Kings131111460.2401259/12411111/1434
Orpine Sainyam12822360.0411072/11281056/1161
Ecovue Dragons12831340.2001384/13051121/1303
Palatial Sunrisers13841340.0231260/14221221/1415
iQuadra ACC Chargers12840320.1651369/13401218/1422
United CC12741300.2111347/12901066/1280
Gully 3911632280.1301018/1030901/1050
Vensai Broncos12642280.0861137/11101107/1180
Delta Infosys Warriors Club13652280.0221059/11711165/1320
Knight Riders1348118-0.1731354/13671571/1350
Mallika Realty Rockets1136216-0.121910/1065924/947
North Atlanta Tigers1229110-0.203872/12511089/1210
Bazooka Hunters CC1211016-0.1951005/13201063/1112
Eagles 111201024-0.276833/12001081/1114