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Welcome to ACL 2017 season

Atlanta Hand Specialist 2017 ACL League Championship

The schedule for Sunday, April 30th, 2017 is available in Tournament Schedule section. Please keep a close watch on the schedule as there could be changes in ground assignments and umpiring assignments.

Coordinators for matches on Sunday, April 30th, 2017 are:

Division 1, 2, 3: Venkat Tellapur (770) 367-0058

Division 1, 2, 3: Suneel Gotoor (404) 610-6280

RULE REMINDER: All Division 1 games will have a power play in first 3 overs of the innings.

Player of the Week - Week 1 matches on April 16, 2017
Division 1 Yogesh Bhardwaj of Blue Panthers against Gunatit
4/9 (4 ov) and 16 runs (2x4)
Division 2 Ravi Kumar G of M3 Consulting Willow Warriors against Chugh Golden Eagles
48 no (2x4)
Division 3 Nainesh Nagarkar of Wildbrooke Warriors against Panthers
5/22 (3.4 ov) and 27 runs (1x4, 1x6)

Registration for 2017 ACL League, Twenty20 and Knockout Tournaments

** Registrations for Atlanta Hand Specialist ACL 2017 Championships and Spring Ten10 Knock Out Tournament were closed as per schedule on March 18th, 2017. **

2017 Tournament Formats

Softpath System ACL 2017 Spring Ten10 Knockout Tournament
Single Round Elimination, 10 overs with 9 players per side

ACL 2017 T20 League Championship
Round Robin followed by playoffs, 20 overs with 11 players per side, Full Cricket grounds at ACL Cricket Fields

ACL 2017 Division Championship (Div I, II, and III)
Round Robin followed by playoffs, 15 overs with 9 players per side

Tournament Fees

Fee Platinum Sponsorship Gold Sponsorship Silver Sponsorship
Spring Ten10 KO Only $200
T20 League $1600 $2300 $2100 $2000
T20 & Spring Ten10 KO $1750 $2450 $2250 $2150
Divisions (Division 1, 2 and 3) $900 $1750 $1450 $1300
Divisions (Division 1, 2 and 3) & Spring Ten10 KO $1050 $1900 $1600 $1450

Softpath System 2017 Spring Ten10 Knock Out Tournament

ACL expresses its gratitude to Softpath Sytem for sponsoring ACL 2017 Spring Knock Out.

View FINAL Knock Out Results

Congratulations to both WINNERS and RUNNERS UP !

The Final Results
2017 Spring Knock Out Winners: RapidIT Royals
Runners up: Unicorn Tornado

Thanks to all the teams for participating and kicking off 2017 season.

ACL-AGCC 2017 Cricket Coaching Camp

Atlanta Cricket Academy ("ACA"), a Cricket Development division of Atlanta Cricket League, Atlanta Cricket Academy (a cricket development division of the Atlanta Cricket League) is pleased to announce series of Cricket Coaching Camps.

The next camp will be held May 6th & 7th, 2017 at Indoor and Outdoor facility in Cumming.

Here is an unique opportunity for Atlanta kids and juniors to train like the Pros, and play like the Pros - the cricket coaching camp is run and designed by Anand Tummala, an ICC certified Level 3 coach and currently assistant coach to the USA cricket team.

Please register by sending an email to or by making PayPal payment to Please include the player full name, age and contact number.