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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How can I join Atlanta Cricket League?

A. ACL does not handle individual registrations. There are many teams in metro atlanta area that are looking for players constantly. if you are interested then send an email to and ACL will channelize your request,

Q. Our team scores are not reflected on website, what to do?
Q. whom should I contact in case of any match interruption, opposition did not turn up or umpires non-availability?
Q. Where I can find ACL rules?
Q. Can I join ACL committee?
Q. . In case of rain and if both the captains and umpires shall we postpone the match?
Q. In case of unfair play by a team, player or umpire how can I complain?
Q. How and when can I register a team?
Q. How can I be a sponsor for ACL and its activities?
Q. Where can I find ACL committee members information?
Q. Where will be ACL matches conducted and when?
Q. What is the match start time?
Q. Who is a home team?
Q. If a team do not agree with home team on their measurements what can they do?
Q. Can an umpire recall a batsman declared out?
Q. What is the wide distance?
Q. What are the boundary measurements?