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Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board Rakesh Gandavarapu (404) 429 7614
  Partheeban Bhupati  
  Vikram Sudini  
  Ramu Parupalli  
Teams' Representative Sirish Vallabhu

Organization Committee

President Ramu Parupalli (678) 427 2938
Vice President Venkat Tellapur
Secretary Raj "Bali" Subramanian
Treasurer Srikanth Vakalapudi
Umpiring & Scheduling Dev Narendranath
Scores & Statistics Nawin Cumar
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Scheduling Suresh Bodapati
Venkat Burri
Ramakrishna Gottipatti
Statistics Purush
Rohit Nanda
RameshKannan Ethiraj
Events Raghava Jalaparthi
Tarun Kumar
Revanth Kundoor
Web & Media

Disciplinary/Appeals Committee

Chairman Kiran Manchikanti
  Sreedhar Vangala  
  Gaurav Ahuja  
  Milin Shah  
  Bhanuprakash Ramachandra