Registration for Viewsol 2018 ACL Spring Knockout and T20 League/Division 1, 2, 3 Championships
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Note: A discount of $50 will be applied when registering for both Spring Knockout and T20 League/Division 1, 2, 3. Payment via Paypal will incur additional charges. Please refer to sponsorship package for pricing if you have a sponsor.
ACL Terms & Conditions:
I, as a captain of the Team and on behalf of the team member agree,
  1. To abide by all ACL league and knock out tournament rules
  2. To provide umpires to all the matches as assigned by ACL
  3. To abide by all ACL policies and procedures
  4. To abide by any/all penalties levied by ACL in reference to individual or team violations as per ACL rules, policies and procedures
  5. That ACL reserves the right to
    • Change of Rules, Policy and Procedures
    • Restrict any team's participation
  6. That receiving a registration confirmation email does not guarantee participation
  7. To submit all the registered team members individual waiver forms before the start of the first match
  8. To pay the fees in full on or before the league/tournament draws. Non-payment of fees in full shall disqualify the participation
  9. Providing false information will cause immediate termination of the team from ACL
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